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Earth Speak

Let's talk green, cause we think it matters !!!

This is a an entry-level podcast created for the everyday earth-conscious individual who has one foot in the door into sustainability. The most sensitive subjects of the planet are riddled with uncertainty. I, Monu Singh am on a quest to reach out to change makers and experts who can help empower humanity to see a broader picture for planning our way forward.

We all need inspirations to carve our own new identities in this collective drift and at times of inspiration you will here me strumming away on a guitar while the subject turns lyrical. Needless to say, this one is a bit experimental. 

Let's stay true to the love for this planet. Better yet, let's make it infectious.


Mar 10, 2019

In conversation with Eric Malm where he talks about living honourably and to find work where you live by your own terms.

It's about being of service to the community, not just ourselves. If you would like to watch the highlights video:

For more info: