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Earth Speak

This is an entry-level podcast hosted by Monu Singh who is self-educating himself on having generative conversations with the everyday earth-conscious individuals on subjects like the eco-system, design, sociology and music. The guests are an eclectic mix of experts, deep-thinkers and sometimes good friends and acquaintances that help in better sense-making these subjects.

Nov 2, 2019

I interviewed Owen Gaffney at the Stockholm Resilience Centre who is the director there and speak to him about the new report they published in September 2019, called Exponential Road 2.0 

Link to Youtube

Link to report

Link to the...

Mar 10, 2019

In conversation with Eric Malm where he talks about living honourably and to find work where you live by your own terms.

It's about being of service to the community, not just ourselves. If you would like to watch the highlights video:

For more info:

Jan 6, 2019

Just like the climate, conversations also evolve.

Here's the making of a song written as a reflection during research into climate change after an interview for my first podcast with Kevin Anderson, a climate expert.

This is an experimental episode so I'm not sure if I do more of these but just following my heart right...